Thursday, January 15, 2009

My New Fondness for Homeschooling

I watched American Teen last night - yes, again with the documentaries - and have now decided on homeschooling Cornbread. Yep, ain't no way in hell I'm sending him out into that. I can't be spending my days driving up to school to kick some kid's ass for making my baby cry. By god I would do it! I had forgotten how bad high school can be. It brought back memories of heartbreaking first loves and the brutal bitchyness of teenage girls. I graduated with a class of 63 and that could be bad enough at times, I can't imagine hundreds. I imagined Cornbread as the lonely, acne ridden teen just looking for his "sock mate". What if he isn't cool? What if he is shy? What if he is lonely? What if someone makes fun of him?! No, no, I can't even think about it. He will be funny and talented and all the ladies will love him - LL Cool LJ - Ladies Love Cool Littlest J. And if they don't Momma Said To Knock You Out will have a whooole new meaning. I mean his pants will eventaully fit right? He won't have to wear them like this forever. If so...I'll be over at the speed bag, gettin' ready to knock a kid flat on their tiny ass.

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