Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Mens

I've been with Cornbread's dad for 6 years, wait, 7 years, or is it 8 years? Let's put it this way, we've been married for almost two years and we dated for a longass time before that. He stays home with Cornbread right now while he's in school and working a few days a week at a job. Basically he has three jobs - four if you count putting up with me. He's got a full plate and I know sometimes he gets a little overwhelmed and wishes he could go to a regular 9 to 5 job every day like me and hang out with adults. But he's doing great. I give him all of the credit for the progress Cornbread has made. I noticed how much better he is sitting up while I was bathing him tonight and realized that if it wasn't for B staying home with him and loving him enough to care for him, really care for him and take the time with him he probably wouldn't be where he is right now. I'm really thankful for that. Alot of men wouldn't even consider staying home and while I know our untraditional rolls can cause issues with us both from time to time I think it takes a real man to do what he is doing. Who better for my little man to learn from?

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Jen F. said...

Go B! I think most men couldn't deal with what it takes to stay home with a baby. You found yourself a keeper!