Saturday, December 20, 2008

My 2 and a Half Hours of Fame

I love the weekends. Not because I can lay in bed for 7 straight glorious hours, watching a Who's Wedding Is It Anyway marathon, only moving, well because I can't use the bed as a toilet. No, those days are long gone.

Sidebar, I just mentally digressed, thinking about the possibilities of wearing an adult diaper to end the annoyance of bathroom breaks during tv time and had a flashback to my dream from last night which involved an old man removing his adult diaper, but the diaper he was wearing looked like a gigantic version of one of J's Pampers Sensitives, complete with the blue stripe down the front, proving that indeed the old man's diaper was full of...something. WTF?

Continuing on: I love the weekends because I can spend uninterrupted time with Littlest J. I just did the math in my head and realized that during the week I get to spend about two and a half hours with him everyday, that's about 13 hours over five days. Wow, that's really...not any time at all. And sad. And bad. Monday is the worst day because I'm fresh off of two straight days of LittleJpalooza, but the rest of the week gets easier. I don't have the guilt of leaving him because fortunately he is in his own home with his own father all day, but an hour or so in the morning and an hour at night is really ridiculous. I wonder if that is going to have an affect on our relationship? It doesn't seem to so far. He doesn't seem to prefer B over me. I don't really have a deep thought to accompany this post, it's more so just thinking out loud. I'm going to go sketch out some adult tv diaper designs, I'll let you know what I come up with. Please post name ideas in the comment section. First thought off the top of my head is TV without the PeePee or TV No PeePee. It's a work in progress really.

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